The house has two floors and a basement. Four bedrooms are on the first floor. On the ground floor, there is a kitchen, a lounge, two two-bed rooms and a toilet. In the basement, you find the sanitary area, the ski room and food & wine storage cellar with a refrigerator. Pets are not allowed in the house.


Only wood is used for cooking and heating. The large wood stove in the kitchen also heats the rooms in the upper floor (ventilation). During summer time, two induction hot plates can be used. There is another wood stove in the lounge to be fired in during cold weather. There is no hot water boiler. Hot water for cooking must be generated on the stove. For the sanitary area, water is heated in the bath heater in the basement. The heating in the ski room is powered by heating oil.


The sanitary area is located in the basement and includes 2 showers (wood burning), 2 toilets and 3 washbasins. On the ground floor, there is one more toilet with a washbasin. Toilet paper is provided.


1 dormitory for 6 - 8 people.

3 rooms for 5 people each.

2 rooms for 2 people each.


The best way to get to the clubhouse is by car, but it can also be reached by train!